Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nanjing Lu 3

Nanjing Lu 3, originally uploaded by Pig Sty Avenue.

I can't get access to Pig Sty Avenue tonight, the tunnel has gotten very leaky as it passes under the Grating Funwall of Cherubina. I don't know if it's been tweaked or wtf paranoia is felt at the tribulations of Colonel Mustard. But I can still, I think, blog photos from Flickr, (which is more stable here than even taobao, ffs). So here goes.

This is the first proper "street" photo. It wants a little better lighting, which is why I need a Holga 120N with a telephone-cord lead to the flash. But I like the composition. The foreground couple were the subject, the tall man to the right and smiling woman to the left are a sheer gift.

I've got the negs, of course, which is just as well because the Lomography shop didn't do the full frame as I'd asked. But I'm not carping because they did a good job with a five year out of date roll of film, which must have been rather curly.

The description on this photo of Suzhou Creek, is the beginning of an idea. It was pleasantly surprising to find us living in what was for a decade in the 1840s and 50s The British Concession. Nanjing Lu would have been really posh, as it still is, but the Suzhou would have been all wharfs and chancers.