Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Fun With McEnglish

Should have kept the mouth shut about the escape plans. They were based around exam item-writing, and that's still in the mix, but it won't be enough to pay the bills and put food on the table. The future looks like a dog's breakfast: few hours here, few hours there, some work at home. Which isn't so bad.

As any character in The Sopranos would tell you, "a man needs to work". And, although, working at McEnglish is a shite strewn path, at least now I know where and where not to tread. A line from The Music of Time keeps occurring: Nick, Stringham, Templar, Duport, Brent and two girls have gone out for a late night drive in country.

The car ends up in a ditch, they can't get it out, "While we were engaged in these labours, rain began to fall again, a steady, soaking downpour." They shelter under a tree and Stringham comments: "For my part, I am now in a perfect condition to be received into one of those oriental religions whose only tenet is complete submission to Fate." (Powell, 198). Well, I know how he felt.

Powell, A. 1991 A Question of Upbringing. Mandarin Paperbacks. London.