Tuesday, February 07, 2006

That Dead Fox Picture...

... rattled a few cages - which is what I intended. Somebody on Flickr wrote: "I wish you the same as what you have done with this animal!!" But my favourite is: "Those chickens get eaten anyway. Catch it and bring it to a zoo. Sedate it and put it on someone else's land, but this is pure horror. Disgusting." Pure horror? You need to get out more. Flickr get on my nerves lately - all rather nicey-nicey.

Actually, I really like foxes - I love wildlife generally. But, what kind of a man stands by and watches his chickens get munched, and his 68 year old father seriously upset? And I'm a tree-hugging hippy at heart, but these all-god's-creatures-cutesy-nicey-cuddly fuckwits do my nut in.

It's pouring with rain tonight, and hopefully the pond is beginning to fill. Andrea asked about mosquitoes: we don't have 'em in these latitudes, thank God. And She's a Sprite suggested Koi carp. No, no! The idea is to attract frogs and toads, who act as natural predators on all manner of pesky damaging beasts - like slugs. Koi carp would eat the tadpoles. The general idea is to give The Allotment a greater bio-diversity, which gives it a better general health, which in turn reduces pests and improves crop yields. Theoretically.

Bought a skylight filter for the camera - to protect the lens. It got covered in crap at the allotment the other day. I'm itching to get out somewhere and get some photos!

Had an email from my manager at work this morning: she wants to have a word. What's all that about? I can't help but feel a bit paranoid; (I've had a whole shower of bastards as employers in the last few years). Find out tomorrow.