Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Al commented: " saw day one of this seasons hot frog action - unfortunately it was all underwater so I can't post any shots but last year it was frogspawn overkill - be prepared down at your pond too". Hmm. The bad news is, our pond is leaking above the puddling level; (the good news being, the Old Man reckons he can fix it today - I'll be at work - and has drained it in preparedness). The upshot of all of which is, it's not ready, and anyway it's probably too new to attract frogs now.

So there's a bit of urgency to get it repaired and refilled. One of our neighbours at the allotments has a pond of some description which attracts a lot of frogspawn each spring, he says, and we'll get things started with a bucketfull from him.