Sunday, February 19, 2006

February Wood Pigeons

February Wood Pigeons, originally uploaded by P.S. Ave.

The buggers are having a conference, before they pair up and descend on the allotment and eat everything in sight... Lovely birds, mind - I love the sound they make, and their breasts cooked in red wine will make a rare treat.

Good and bad news vis a vis the pond. We've given up, for now, on puddled clay. It would have been possible, but would also have involved a major reconstruction and we didn't have time. The good news is, we had plastic sheeting, and now it's filling up nicely.

I got this photo during yesterday's walk with Molly. We went to the fish ponds by the Lakeside pub. Hmm. The paths around the ponds were muddier than they at first seemed, and the pushchair got all bogged down, and oh my God! Somehow got the pushchair out, and home, and then spent half an hour freeing the wheels from several hundred pounds of glutinous blue mud. Molly slept right through that adventure.