Thursday, February 16, 2006

Molly had a third set of jabs (or "jags", as Herself would have it) today. It was horrible. The nurse stuck the needle into her chubby wee leg, and she cried in outrage. An then... the same again in the other leg! She was quite perky for the rest of the afternoon, but she's rather sad this evening. Ah well, no more such immolations now until the dreaded MMR at 13 months old.

The pond's wanting a significant rethink. When it was filled with water, clay fell away from some of the sides, exposing topsoil and letting the water seep out. The problem seems to be that some of the sides are too steeply sloping, so we need to give them a lesser camber. The pond's been drained, but it's all very wet and claggy, so reshaping it should be a right laugh.

Today I sowed Burning Bush, Birthwort, Angelica, and Alexanders, all of which had been stratifying, with the Lebanon Cedars, since last April because I'd gone back out to Libya and missed the planting season. So today felt like the last footnote regarding my North African sojourn.