Wednesday, March 02, 2005

what fun

Today is a holiday: Libyan People Power Day, so far as one can ascertain, (our students are a wee bit vague on the exact translation). We’re off to Green Square this evening, in behopes that Something Will Be Happening.

To add to the excitement, our Big Cheese from Britain, Gregory, is here on a visit. He brought a Guardian: a real, foolscap Guardian, with its tabloid supplements, the whole nine yards, in fact. I nabbed it and read it hungrily. We get the news from the internet, of course, but that can’t compare to sitting down and actually holding and reading the paper.

I managed to have a word with Gregory this morning, and tell him I won’t be signing up for another year’s contract, but I will be available in the indefinite future (when I’m hard up, though I didn’t tell him that).

The 'villa' has been revisited, and apparently it has four bathrooms, not two. The "Project Manager" was able to count up to four once he had the help of his boss from Blighty.