Thursday, March 31, 2005

Marching from Brunton Park to the Holy Land

The thing is with blogs… What is the thing with blogs? Well, one thing is, you get a view into other ways of living and thinking.

I’ve been tidying up the blogroll because I think ruthlessness is required here: one has to get on with life, there are only so many hours in a day to spend surfing (it’s bad for your eyes and can damage family relationships), so unless a blog keeps me interested, unless I’m thinking “What’s that daft sod been up to?”, then it’s reach for the “edit template” time and away they go, whirling into the blogosphere, wailing, and me muttering, like Alexei Sayle on Didn’t You Kill My Brother? “Bugger Aff!”

With this in mind I’m giving the following a trial period: I liked something about Diamond Geezer: news from the metropolis, and there’s something endearing, in small doses, about cockneys. An Unsealed Room looks pretty, Israel’s always in the news, and it’s not up its own arse, and best of all she’s a proper writer and can, well… write. Finally, I used to live in Carlisle, and frankly Low Commotion needs some encouragement.

Oh yeah; a bit closer to home there's the Jarra forum. My home town, love it as I do, is frequently conducive to melancholy. Well, this forum is just like the real thing, without the heavy drinking and occasional ugly scenes.