Monday, March 28, 2005

it must be ok, then?

The irony is: if I’ve managed to post this, the problem’s probably solved. But typing it off line, I’m wondering if I’ll ever surf and blog again. The laptop was a bit slow, generally, and full of crap; so I downloaded the stuff I wanted to keep, and reformatted it. As I said to my chum Christopher who was staying the weekend, this is a bit like doing the housework by having the entire contents of your house removed and magically cleaned and replaced. Except it hasn’t worked, and everything, especially access to the internet is horribly slow, and, and… Frankly: surfing and blogging are addictive; and I’m a junky who’s roasting.

So far as I can tell, there’s a wee nasty called pop64 which has swanned through firewalls and given the Vs up to Norton Anti Virus. Fuck knows what it wants, but I want to stab it in the eye with blunt scissors.