Monday, August 29, 2016

screen shot with hedge

As you can probably see, my horticultural skills exceed my Paint2 ones. I hope. That's the hedge in 2 shades of green. The section at the bottom of the picture is the Middle East bed, and is now a straggly hedge-line consisting of 12 or so gorse, brambles, suckers from the roots of the cherry trees, and the cherry trees themselves. On the bottom right of the picture is represented a double row, berries and currants in the front, and some proper "hedgerow" plants I was given: hazel, blackthorn, crab apple, dog rose and elder. West of the path, a row of gorse by the fence, fattening up to a double row in the corner, (likely to be a ned entry point), all fronted by berries and currants, which continue round along the West boundary for a way, again backed by gorse at the fence. The fruit runs out 1/3 along that line, and thereafter it's a double row of gorse.