Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lincolnshire Poacher Day 15

Job, family, household, dogs, allotment: there are an awful lot of other calls on a piano learner's time. One day this week I only got a few minutes practice, mostly I've been getting the "academic hour". It's coming together, anyhow, and I've almost got it memorized now. I've almost tracked down a piano at the University. I recall last year seeing a room with pianos in, from the corridor when I was on my way somewhere else. I'd almost begun to wonder if I'd dreamt that, but one of the porter's confirmed that there are such rooms with at least one grand and one upright, and he told me which building they're in. So I'm getting closer. The Poacher should be in the bag by month's end, inshallah. Memorization is the point where I can get it up to speed and musical.