Monday, August 15, 2016

Lincolnshire Poacher Day 11/12

Well kind of day 12, ish. I don't think I practiced Thursday & Friday, but did two hours on Saturday, first time I've ever practiced that long. Nothing Sunday, but got an hour tonight - I would happily have gone on, except that it was causing some domestic disharmony.

I think I might have reached a plateau, so tonight I slowed down and tried to concentrate on memorization and not making mistakes, rather than picking up speed, which I had been doing in the previous couple of hours. So I was slowly puzzling out the hands together at each note, and each bar, and I can understand how that would become tedious to a listener.

Especially as the piano is now slightly out of tune, according to the app I've used - everything a semi-tone higher than it ought to be. But I'm going to soldier on with Poacher now, before I get the tuner in. Want to be able to play something to check it out whilst he's packing the tuning forks away.

On my self imposed Grade 1 exam preparation schedule, I've only got a couple of weeks left for the Poacher to be passable. Or let's just say 15 more hours. I need to track down a piano at the University, as I did in London.