Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hedgerow & Potatoes

Still playing catch up at the allotment, after those 6 weeks away. I cropped the 2nd earlies, and got 1 1/2 coffee sacks full. Which is satisfying, from 2kg of spuds from Lidl, costing less than £1 in total. But, I must say, maris peer are not-bad salad potatoes, but somewhat bland in flavour. The main crop desiree are still in the ground, some of the foliage showing signs of yellowing, so ready to crop in a few weeks perhaps.

And the last couple of evenings, I've gone back to the Northern boundary. On the east side, the hedge is pretty much planted, but badly needed weeding, which I did. On the west side, near the path are a couple of gooseberries and bramble plants which I had to cut back when I was doing some emergency weeding during a visit home a few weeks ago.

They've took that treatment well, and are flourishing better than ever. On that part, there's only the front row of the hedge planted; the back row will be all gorse. I planted 4 of them tonight. I was tempted to plant more, but held my hand so I can be sure they're not vulnerable to pigeons and slugs. I doubt they will be, but, let's see - they're the backbone of my hedgerow, seeds collected in the countryside, and sown on the windowsill at home, and I'm absurdly attached to them.

Brambles, gooseberries, gorse. A very jaggy combination which should make an interesting and impenetrable hedgerow.
4 newly planted gorse

bumblebee on the phacelia

Big patch of phacelia covering most of the mid- and north-west beds. Pollinator central just now, Piccadilly Circus for honey bees, bumblebees & hover-flies.