Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Lincolnshire Poacher, two hands, Day 4

And Day 4 means 4 hours. I'm really surprised at how well it's going. There's a long way to go, mind: I timed one of the play throughs, and it was more than 4 minutes; 8 times longer than it will be. But I've got the feel for it, it's recognisable to my ear, and I can almost understand the relationship between the RH melody and LH harmonies. AND I've almost memorized it as a two handed piece.

The shape of learning so far has been:

  • 3 hours RH, (though frankly I'm assuming that, it was ages ago).
  • Ditto LH, (really).
  • About 3 hours of painful neurological shenanigans, with 2H, a real bloomin' slog.
  • Now around 4 hours and it's still difficult, but I'm engaging with it, "Oh yes, that's why that LH thing happens here." "Oh I've read that wrong, it must be... ah yes;" (my knowledge of notation being imperfect but improving).
I'm blogging about this in such detail so that I can compare notes on the next piece I learn. In particular, I'm still thinking of using Philip's Teacher's method of diving in with both hands, and finding the fingering oneself. I really am not wedded to either RH>LH>2H, OR to 2H straightaway+sort your own fingers methodologies, at the moment.

But I want to find out which is going to be best now and going forward. My own teaching/learning experience (of language, of course, and the two skills may not be sufficiently comparable), tells me that diving in, considering the whole text, and not deconstructing it (initially), is the most effective way to learn.