Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Typha latifolia update

Of the 7 Typha latifolia I planted in early spring, 2 have thrived. 1 was in a pot with 2 others, which have died; (1 was missing this morning, presumably the fox had it). It has has been moved deeper through the pond levels, by me, as it's gotten bigger. This morning I transferred it to the mud at the bottom of the middle pond. Even if we got a couple of days steady rain, and the pond filled completely, it's big enough now at over 1ft, to be just above the water level. The other survivor is on the pond margin, at a point which is only under water by a couple of inches when the pond is full - so it hasn't been submerged for several weeks now.

The Centre for Agriculture and Bio-science International has collated research on T latifolia here. We're told that "leaves are produced in the spring, flowering occurs in early to mid-summer, and major clonal growth in the autumn". My 2 are putting out leaves now, so they're on course to flower, and thereby seed the entire pond. Failing that, it should reproduce from the roots in autumn.

This is of course an invasive plant, but that doesn't matter because it's not going to spread beyond the margins of the pond. And within that, it should be aesthetically very interesting. Now, the pond is just 3 adjoining holes in the ground, mud pools most of the time. But bulrushes, maybe 8ft high, would raise ones eyes from the mud to the sky.