Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Dogs and Comfrey

Both of the dogs are a bit off-colour, which you'd expect. They were in conditions, (you don't get told the details), which necessitated their rescue by the Scottish SPCA. They spent a month in kennels during which time they both had hysterectomies. And five days ago they came to live with us. So the poor wee pooches have been having quite a time of it. We all know that dogs eat grass, and its said to be a medicine for them. But here's something I learned today, they also eat comfrey. Here's the most mature plants after the dogs' visit this morning. They also had one of their play-fights in it. But it's comfrey, and will recover quickly enough. I was for cutting down this stand of it anyway.  And my decision to edge all of the paths with it is further validated.