Monday, June 20, 2016

Getting the Most out of an Intrusion

I rigged up a gate months ago, with wire hinges, "secured" by more wire tying the gate to a post. It would take a burglar of modest intelligence a few seconds to spot the weakness in this, and so it proved. Sometime between Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning, somebody disconnected the hinges. He or she then rifled through the shed. Nothing taken, no real vandalism.

So I got around, at last, to fixing up the gate with proper hinges, and even bought a cheap padlock.

Topped off with barbed wire. It's not exactly Fort Knox, but it deters the casual/creepy visitor. I told one of the neighbours what had happened, and he told me that others had had similar visits, nothing stolen or vandalised, it was just made obvious that someone had been there and been through the plot holder's stuff. I strongly suspect a fellow plot-holder, someone with some serious personality flaws.

But, whatever, I'm very pleased now to have a proper gate.