Monday, June 06, 2016

Hedgerow - this just in...

A double line! The front row I put in early spring, currants and berry bushes from the NE edge. The back row, by the fence, the trees I got from the Secretary-formerly-known-as-Bee-Lady. Proper hedging trees: hazel, blackthorn, crab apple, dog rose and elder. There's roughly 1ft between the rows, and between each plant, but it's not too regular.

Of course, this is entirely the wrong time of year to be planting bare root trees, but they had good root balls, and had been kept in water, and their foliage looked healthy enough. 15 plants, I watered them in with 4 gallons of tap-water, and then 1 gallon of comfrey tea.

This is a significant moment in the hedgerow's history - not just a line of currant and berry bushes around the fence, it's a baby hedgerow, and will one day be roaring with life.  Last summer as I hacked back the nettles, I disturbed two birds' nests. I felt very bad about that. It's going to take several years, but one day the hedgerow will be home to dozens of nests every year. That's the plan.

Also tonight I dug up the last (apparently) of the whole, loose bricks from the midden.