Thursday, June 09, 2016

The New Potting Shed - Step 1: Rubble Foundation

A hardcore morning, quite literally. To the right, middle ground, you can see a pile of rubble that's accumulated over months. To the left, much lower down, the concrete base of old structures, at several levels. The task now is to move the rubble hardcore from the right to the left side. I'd estimate this was half done by the end of the morning. The plan is to get it level with the central path, supporting the shed. We've had no real heavy rain since I cleared this structure, and I need to see how the water's going to pool or to drain away at this point, which is a low-ish one.

Any full or half bricks, or brick-sized bits of concrete went into the skinny path, which now extends the length of the Midwest bed. I was wondering this morning, when we get the next Google Earth image of the plot, will we be able to see the skinny path, a thin line just inside the boundary?