Thursday, June 02, 2016

Typha Latifolia Update - This time with photos and links back!

Perhaps I wasn't at my blogging best yesterday. Actually, I was a bit flakey, having been digging in the sun for several hours, I think I had a touch of sunstroke.

Anyhow, looking back, I planted the T latifolia on 03/03/16.  So that's nearly 3 months it's taken it to come into its own, and there was a high attrition rate, with 2 of the 7 plants I got through the post getting their shit together and beginning to grow.

And here we have the photos, including Morrison's gardening glove for scale:
planted at pond margin 3/3/16, and rarely submerged - have been watering it the last few days

had been in a weighted plant pot with two others, now discarded. Plant pot moved deeper over recent weeks. Now planted at bottom of middle pond. Tip of leaf would be out of water in (unlikely) event pond became full now    

I don't care about the typical British attitudes to weather, I've spent too long in hot countries for the sun worship bullshit. Now, I wish it would rain heavily. The ground needs it, and anyway, I'm still new-fangled with my drainage system, and want to see it in operation more. Plenty opportunities for that in winter, of course. But for now, nothing forecast but dry weather for a week or so. Bah, humbug!