Sunday, April 10, 2016

SW Corner hacking continues II

Felt like I'd got stuck on this bit. Maybe it's taken longer because I've been distracted by Dixie, The In Laws' dog who I'm looking after. Originally this was a hump of earth, running E-W to the South of the Old Greenhouse, and fortified by rows of timber and bricks, as if the Greenhouse was a fort and they were outlying ramparts. It was used as a path and was therefore compacted.

In the foreground, (you can't really see it for the mud) is 4ft or so of quality concrete; then there's a yard or so of raised uneven concrete, very bumpy; and then finally, more good quality concrete - I haven't found out its full extent yet, but I suspect it was once there for the Greenhouse's water barrel to stand on - it's in the right place.

So I'm going to treat the whole thing as a path across the bed, dividing the SW and the Midwest beds. It makes the SW bed slightly smaller than I'd planned, my mental division was at the ash tree, about 4ft to the North, but, what the hell. Mind you, I keep thinking as I'm hacking and scraping soil off the top of the concrete: Who put this here, and when? The lesson is, concrete in an allotment will be there a long time...