Sunday, April 24, 2016

Concrete & Brick Structure Gets More Twilight Zone

A session (for want of a better word; stint? let's go with stint) at the allotment lasts 2-3 hours, and all the work is sliced up accordingly. Most things that I set out to do can be achieved in 2 or 3 stints. Sometimes, they take longer, and I've noticed, that's when they become tiresome. Hacking out the fruit bushes was one. Excavating and raising the path, oh my God, that was certainly another. This wee area, the "old greenhouse foundation" will become another if I don't get it finished soon. I foresaw this last September, apparently.

But here's the weird thing. The yellow/ligher-brown lump on the left of the photo is the subsoil, heavy boulder clay. It's actually higher than the concrete, the level in the central area of the photo. I can't work out how that has come about. Whatever. When this area gets level and dried out, brushed down, rain-washed clean, it should be pretty interesting. Areas of ground, like the clay, to plant with something appropriate. And the concrete and brick to put seats and containers on. It'll be grand.