Saturday, April 23, 2016

Concrete and brick structure - now with photo

I'm clearing the earth from the top of the structure, and barrowing it to various points further down the West bed - areas that look a little low. If it was good earth it would be easier, but as it is it's earth with a lot of brick rubble and broken glass. So I pick out what I can during the process of digging and barrowing and dumping. This morning, just when I thought I'd reached the end of the strange structure, I found another outcrop of concrete, and gave up to come home for a bath. Be nice to get it finished this weekend. Looking out across the West bed, raised overall another inch or so by the earth from on top of the structure, and leveller for it, I realised why it's called a "bed". It does look like a bed, albeit an unmade one, ready to welcome lots of plants.