Monday, April 18, 2016

"'s going to be like Time Team when I get started on it"

Which is a remark I made back in July. Digging east from the Birthday Path, I've encountered what I can only call a structure. Maybe even a sculpture. Dunno about Time Team. This evening was more like The Twilight Zone.

The concrete & brick path I unearthed on my birthday, is actually part of a wider concrete shelf, which seems to extend almost to the middle of the plot. Well, that's not too odd, it could be the floor of a shed or greenhouse or whatever. But then there's the structure: one course of bricks, mortared, arranged in an irregular shape on top of the concrete shelf. Unless someone's deliberately made it as a work of art, I have no clue what it can be. I'll do a diagram of it once it's all uncovered. I would have carried on tonight, so curious had it made me, but it was getting dark, and besides I've pulled a back muscle.

It looks as if I decided that this area was an old greenhouse quite early on: "I've got to tackle the slightly raised central area with its old-greenhouse foundations" I blogged back in early September last year. Now I'm not so sure. The top of the (very ungreenhouse-like) structure I've unearthed this evening was only a couple of inches from the surface in places. I'm looking forward to continuing the excavations on the Eastern side, a blank on the plan above.