Monday, April 18, 2016

birthday path plan

Yesterday afternoon I got to the end of the latest discovered path, it's about 7x3ft. I took 4 barrows full of earth out, and moved them to a slight depression in the mid-west bed. Just now the path is lying in a shallow trench, but when you stand back from it, the ground each side of it forms a hump, and yes, there's room for more earth further down the plot.

The other rediscovered path, to the left, (south) of the potatoes and comfrey on the plan, seemed too low down initially, but somehow during the digging and clearing and leveling process, the rest of the plot lowered itself to join the path, and now it's integral to the allotment. The new path will hopefully go the same way. That area is dominated by the ash tree, and gets shade in the afternoon and evening. Don't know yet what I'm going to plant there, but not a crop per se, maybe bee plants and/or herbs. 

The new wee dot by the path at the north end is a rosemary plant I got from Asda, reduced from £2.50 to a quid. 3 years old, I'd say, nice root-ball on it. Planted out yesterday, next to the rhubarb.