Monday, August 20, 2012

Meanwhile, the 127 fun continues...

I was trawling eBay, looking for cheap(er) 127 film, hoping to pay something less than the standard fiver a roll for Efke, say. I had some luck with various out-of-date films, (of which more later), but best of all was someone auctioning an Ilford Sprite, and throwing in a couple of rolls of Efke for good measure.

Result.  I got the two rolls (exp Sept 2013, forsooth), plus a camera for about seven quid. Film and camera arrived this morning.

The Sprite is a dinky wee thing: nice shape and feel, minimalist settings, (fixed speed and focus, two apertures). I couldn't resist it, I bunged in a roll of the Efke and snapped all 12 exposures in the garden.  Should get that dev'd and scanned in the next week or so.

Here's something from 1963, taken with a Sprite. There are photos taken recently with them, but that photo illustrates what it can do. Almost Holga-like, the sharp central area, with gentle vignetting around the edges. Lovely. Just what I'm wanting for outdoor sunny-ish days, (no coldshoe or PC for flash, no tripod fitting) and a lot nicer to handle than the the Sporti 4, which I find very clunky. Looks like I've just made a new plastic pal. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.