Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kodak Brownie Reflex + Flash

 Untitled-2, originally uploaded by Pig Sty Avenue.
The flash that goes with the KBR will only work with a Kodak - I think they got into standard PC fittings some time later in the 60s. One of its big advantages is that it takes two ordinary C batteries, which you can buy at any supermarket or garage. On the downside, it takes No. 5 GE bulbs, which are less available than some others.

I've got only two bulbs, but I decided to put a roll of Efke in, and give one of them a go during a break from another morning slaving over a hot laptop... Bingo! The usual flash-test photo, in a mirror, left me with bright green retina shadow, the shape of the reflector: one hell of a flash.

I've got some craic from the Flickr Flashbulbs group, here. The upshot of the advice being, best to use a tripod and a quick B setting, (B = "Bulb", see?)

So, knowing that it works, I went in search of more bulbs, and found someone in the States selling a Kodak flashgun, with a proper fitting, and throwing in a dozen bulbs, for $8 (which is nice, but the postage trebled the price). The flashgun The Bairn's holding here is ok, but there are no fittings with it, and the connector has obviously had a few adventures because it's a bit melted, though still functional. The one I've just bought has an instruction book with it, too.

Photos to follow.

I can't say what it is about flashbulbs that makes a difference. But there's something about the photos which you can't get from electronic flash.