Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gratispool II

Free Film Gratispool Always on the lookout for any kind of 127 film, I bought a couple of odd rolls from the early 60s on eBay.  One of them is from Gratispool. They were a company that developed and printed your film by mail order, and sent you a "free" roll with the prints.  According to the craic on photomemorabilia, they shifted to Verichrome at some point in the early 60s, but previously gave out orthochromatic film.  There's nothing on the box or roll to say this, but apparently the clue is in the backing paper, with yellow for Verichrome, and red for the orthochromatic.  My roll has red backing paper, which is interesting.

I'll shoot it with the Reflex, and it's B setting - because I intend to overexpose more than somewhat.  And then I'll dev it in the formula I used before, ID11 with a pinch of bromide to combat the likely fogging.  I've got a flashgun for the KBR which I've not tried yet, but only a couple of bulbs.  The instructions with the film say to rate it at 25ASA with flash...  So, given the age of the film I'm probably looking at 3secs indoors.  It says 100ASA in sunshine, but even at that I'm thinking probably 1 second.  Or "one elephant", counting out loud: as I recall from Gregory's Girl, you don't get a proper second if you don't include the elephant.