Monday, August 20, 2012

Fomapan Flash Developed

Developed the first roll of Fomapan tonight - pics here tomorrow if I get time to scan them.  I used 1+50 Rodinal, 8 minutes @ 22C.  That was a test roll in the Ilford Sporti shot a couple of months ago, to see if it was synching with the flashgun - and from the negs, it has. Fomapan has a nice look to it - good contrast, low grain, - but I'm not sure if it's quite the look I want. 

More information from the manufacturers here.  I actually only read that after I developed the roll, as usual, and didn't follow it to the letter - no distilled water in my processing, and the rinse was only five minutes or so after each stage, with my customary drop of washing up liquid.  Anyways, whatever else it is, it's cheap.