Friday, August 24, 2012

A Low Water Mark

This is one snap from a roll of Portra I took with the Agfa Isolette II on a work-trip to San Francisco back in March. They're all awful. It's a salutary lesson to stop taking opportunistic snapshots. I've put them on Flickr as a reminder of that.

Another thing I've learned is that Portra would be gorgeous film properly used.

AND, whilst a bit of dust is ok in lo-fi quasi early 60s shots, can even be part of the aesthetic, it's no bloody good if you're trying to do something conventionally beautiful, like a regular portrait. So I need to address the dust issue (drying the negs in a length of plastic drainpipe, perhaps?) before I start taking print-worthy pics.

Finally, for more-or-less conventional portraits, the Agfa isn't really going to cut the mustard - it doesn't sit comfortably on the tripod because of its door, for one thing. So back on eBay it will go, as the first contribution to a Rolleiflex fund.