Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"This is a very long term project..."

...As a comical cat blogged in October 2005, which I'm pleased he overcame his paranoia and did because a lot has happened in the intervening 3 and a bit years.

Anyway, I've been chatting to Little Gwion this evening, and he told me some interesting stuff about these plants. He was wrong, he says, that you wait for the plants to produce "babies" before you harvest them: he's read up about this and you just wait until they're the right size: ping-pong ball-ish. He bothered to go through this and get some excellent information on growing medium.

He confirms what's said on one of those links about plastic v. clay pots: he has two (of seven) plants in clay pots, and the five in plastic are all doing much better.

He's looking at a harvest in just over three years time, seven years after planting. So that would mean seven plants after seven years. These things appeal to Little Gwion.