Saturday, December 20, 2008


Although I had a Newcastle-mad phase in my mid teens, going to matches home and away, (this was in the era from Wyn Davies to Malcolm McDonald, with Bobby Moncur the captain and Iam McFaul in goal), after I realised that,

(a) being with a like minded young woman with both your clothes off is about the best fun you've ever had; and,

(b), football does absolutely nothing to enhance your ability to get you involved with a young woman or women in this way, and can also be an aggravating drain on your cash and time,

well, I stopped going to matches and eventually rarely watched them on telly. At one time in the early nineties, I seem to recall, braggging that I couldn't name a single player.

Nowadays, although I still find it far from better-than-sex, I'm begining to retake an interest. Funny how things happen, I seem to remember that this started during my first spell in Libya in 2004, because all of my students were fascinated by the English Premier League, and dismayed to realise I knew fuck all about it. So, in the interest of communicative language teaching, I began to take a virtual interest again.

And now I'm becoming fascinated. The tipping point came a couple of days ago when, I realised I was taking a spectator's interest in events away from St James Park, at the flounce-outs at Sunderland and Blackburn, and at the backwash.

Not that St James' Park has lacked drama this season, far from it. Thus the quiz. Oh, and the quiz is there also because I discovered the blogger gadgets just now.