Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Price of Hungarian Rye

Most of the West Side beds, I'm going to plant with Hungarian Rye this winter, because it's neutral as far as rotations go. The Mid West and NW beds were liable to flooding last year, and we don't know yet if the drainage system is going to cope this coming winter. It'll be flood tolerant if needed, and carry on breaking up the clay from the pond and the path.

I need a kilo, maybe 2. But let's look at the price of a kilo, with postage to Glasgow.

Greenmanure.co.uk -  £16.85
amazon -                   £8.85
Fruit Hill Farm  -          €2.20 (Bloody good price, but that's before postage, which is absurd for Glasgow, (€18.45!) Might get a better deal if you're in Ireland)

And that's it. You can get more deals on rye with vetch (tares) but that would bugger-up a crop rotation.

So, sorry to say [spits]... Amazon it is. I'll leave a patch go to seed next year.