Monday, July 25, 2016

The Lincolnshire Poacher 2H

That auld poacher, is getting like Lilibullero, as a tune to irk family and neighbours, so I need to get it under the belt. Had RH pretty well for ages. I've played the LH through a few times, but not fluently or at the right tempo. My biggest problem with pieces has always been, RH, fine, LH, fine, 2H, oh my God! So I'm just going for 2H, missing out learning LH on its own.

And that seems to be working, when I got down to the 1st proper practice of it tonight. Concentrated for 40 mins on 1st 4 bars, and spent the rest (20mins) going through it all. Got through it, can't say "sight read", but read and plonked along slowly anyway.

I'm just going for ABRSM Grade 1 100% now. I want to play the blues, yeah, but I need to learn to play first. And The Beatles never learned to read music? Yeah, yeah, but I'm not one of The Beatles. Just focusing on the grades, and screening everything else out. Bottom line, grade 6, say, means you can play most popular music from the sheet. That'll be job done for me, probably, unless I develop ambitions for Chopin's Ballade, which, never rule anything out in this life.