Saturday, July 02, 2016

Practising on a Danemann

I've been at the University of Greenwich for work. There's a common room by the library at Mansion Site with this Danemann 5' 2" grand. As a University, no one would describe Greenwich as easy going, and the lid was firmly closed with a stout padlock. By bloomin' Jingo, it took some negotiating to get them to unlock it, but I got there eventually, and got back into a daily practice. 

Funny how a strange piano can lure one back onto the straight and narrow path of daily practice. Nearest pub is over a mile away, and frankly there's sod-all to do in the evenings so that might have something to do with it. This is the first Danemann I've played on. According to Wikepedia, they were popular with "British embassies, the P&O Lines, Harrods and many educational institutions" which explains what it's doing there, a teacher training college before it became part of Greenwich University. 

Omitted to take any music with me, so it was Lincolnshire Poacher RH, and the Grade 1 scales etc. I'm not going to be ready for Grade 1 this year, hardly practised since I got back from Saudi, so the Poacher might be falling by the wayside if I need to start on the 2017/18 syllabus, (my 3rd, incidentally). So to get the LH doing some work, I spent an hour with the 12 bar blues, below. I've learned (and forgotten) a slightly different one in the past with an extra semitone in it. Almost got this LH. Memorised but not yet fluent. 

It's good to be back at the keys.