Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lincolnshire Poacher 2H? LH!

The plan to jump from learning RH and then jumping to 2H didn't really work. I plodded through it 2H, but there's a lot of new moves to learn with LH that need to be learned on their own - several chords, for example. The fingering at bars 2-4 is pretty easy, and that's repeated at 14-16, but elsewhere - like 11-14 - the chord progressions are a bit tricky.

I was delighted to realize today that there's a sad-trombone in LH at bar 18, (the end of the 'suddenly slower'); brilliant.

The RH I can play at the proper speed, about 32 seconds, (note to self, mind and wear cool sleeves, something a bit Tom Waits, if recording video of myself piano playing for YouTube). So I had the notion to time myself playing LH. When that gets to 32s, I'll be right for 2H. So the 1st go through was...

Two and a half minutes! So that's five times slower. It's those chords, and frankly, the fact that my sight reading - especially on the bass clef - is gash.

Nil desperandum. After several plays through, it came down to a magnificent... 
 ...1 minute and 40 seconds! Which obviously is 3 times too long, but that's a hell of an improvement on 5 times too long.

Most of the delay, I think, is caused by my sight reading deficiencies. Once I've learned it, I'll be fine. And sight-reading will have improved a little along the way.