Friday, October 11, 2013

Mostly Minuet in G K1.E - And Getting Organised

During a day of orientation seminars, of varying quality, I put together a schedule for practice for the coming week on my iPad calendar.  I've divvied up the Minuet into four parts, and set out to devote my daily hour of practice to just one section, that's four or five bars.  That's working through them 2H, playing quite slowly for the most part, and memorizing them, too.  I should finish that procedure later today with the last part.  And then I've got several days off work coming up next week, with nothing else much to do, so I'll then go on to playing right through, 2H, as I did with Lilliburlero on the Bluthner, Play It Again, and Again, and Again... 

With no work to do and time to kill, I won't be limited to an hour a day, so I could get it in the locker by the end of next week.  It'll need a bit of work on a real piano to get it just so, but I'll have done the donkey work. 

I've also started to make a note in the calendar after practice of how long I actually spent, an hour or 50 mins or whatever.  Just to keep me on the straight and narrow, and it'll enable me to see how long each piece is actually taking at the keys.

The PianoNotes app has had an update, and that includes an in-app purchase to work with broken chords, (only 69p, so I went with that).  It seems much more sensible to work with broken chords for now, rather than a random sequence of notes - though that will likely have it's place further down the road.  I spent nearly an hour with that this morning, all in G major,  and made good progress.  Learning to sight read is important, but I'm keeping it separate from learning pieces just now, (though, obviously, the skills overlap).