Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lilliburlero - Use It Or Lose It

A lot of practice today.  Spent some time this morning with the Minuet, playing it through ten times. And then this evening I sat down at the keyboard and had another ten, but was feeling somewhat minueted-out.  So I thought I'd play Lilliburlero for old times' sake, and... I'd forgotten it. I had to dig out the music, and spend I don't know how long getting it back.  But it did come back.  Memories of the summer in Bedford and the Bluthner where I learned it, and the midi keyboard felt very clumsy by comparison. 

Having got Lilliburlero back into the process memory, I went back to the Minuet for a couple of play throughs.  I know my process memory is capable of holding the two tunes, but I realised you need to keep playing the repertoire, even if it does only consist of one and a half tunes, as mine does.  It's difficult to be objective, but the Minuet playing seemed better, perhaps as a result of shuggling the neurons with Lilliburlero?  Anyway, in future I'll give not fixate on one piece again for weeks to the exclusion of all else.

I also did a few G major scales, and was very impressed by how fast I was doing them, without really thinking.  Maybe the Minuet is feeding into that skill.  I've also had a couple of games on the PianoNotes app.  Some progress there. 

A good day at the keys.  Overall practice stamina is growing, I did at least three hours today, and it's getting more enjoyable.