Friday, October 18, 2013

Having a Happy Hajj Holiday at the Keys

Temporarily taken aback last night to think I'd lost Lilliburlero got me thinking.  I've been too long stuck in the Minuet and G major.  So this morning I played my meagre repertoire through, several times. I went back to C major scales and broken chords as well as G major.  And then I got started on Swinstead's Sailor's Song, a jolly wee tune, and worked on the first three bars, RH, LH, and then both.

So, the plan is to learn the Swinstead, and then Chattanooga Choo Choo, all the while not neglecting Mozart and Lilliburlero, and also practising all manner of scales and broken chords.  I'll need to work out how much time to spend on everything.  I also want to study musical theory, and I've got an ebook for that.  Part of my reasoning for changing focus from one piece and its key, to several pieces and keys, is the realization, (again, courtesy of my old mate Lilliburlero) that it's impossible for me to get any piece just right on this plastic midi keyboard.  I can learn all the notes, but I'm going to need weighted keys to get it musical.