Saturday, October 26, 2013

Climbing Off the Plateau - ABRSM Grade 1

Here's a new practice regime I've started today:

  1. Lilliburlero (x2) - 2-3 mins
  2. Mozart Minuet in G (x2) - 2-3 mins
  3. Learning Sailor's Song - 20-30 mins
  4. All Grade 1 scales and broken chords, x2 - 20 mins (?)
  5. PianoNotes game, using keys from Grade 1 scales. (optional) - 10 mins
  6. Learning another piece outside Grade 1, eg Waters of Tyne (optional) - no set time
  7. Theory book (at keyboard) (optional) - no set time
1-4 plus one from 5-7 are must-do every day, with more at the weekends or if I'm feeling keen in the week. 

The reasoning is that I've decided to go with the ABRSM grades to give me structure, so I should therefore use that structure in practice.  Eventually, probably a month or so from now, Sailor's Song will join the repertoire, to be followed by Chattanooga Choo Choo.

And I'll start each practice playing the whole lot through, x2, plus anything else I manage to learn.  This should keep me going until I get the proper keyboard and some lessons, when I can take advice about getting through the Grade 1, and in particular improving my playing of the pieces. 

As for the lessons, there are no piano teachers in Yanbu that I can find online.  I'll need to get some when I'm home on holiday. 

Et, voila.  Remotivated and heading back to the broad sunlit uplands.