Saturday, April 02, 2011

Shanghai Balcony Gardening II

This morning I've sowed in pots sage, thyme, coriander and geraniums. The last is on the windowsill indoors for now, the weather being uncertain - it was like an English June day, yesterday, but today is much cooler and it's a bit misty. I've also sowed borage in the big pot with the mint, which is looking somewhat straggly, on the basis that they should both be big and ugly enough to look after themselves in the same pot. And if it thrives, the borage should seed itself in the pot.

The geraniums are described only as "Fantasy Mixed", and there's something about "flowers one year only", so I suppose they're not hardy geraniums but actually pelargoniums. Which link goes to a website which looks undermaintained but the main page is worth clicking on for the quote from Margery Fish if nothing else. Thanks Marge, I'm taking your advice. I suppose if I kept the plants overwinter on the balcony, and took cuttings from them in the early spring, the new plants would flower? And someone told me, if I remember rightly, that they root really easy, like Salvia Divinorum, in a glass of water.

The rocket I planted last week is germinating and doing well. No sign of the rosemary, but I recall it as being slow. The rosemary, sage, thyme, and of course the geraniums, I'll pot on. The coriander and rocket I'll crop from the pots. And I'll see if I can let them go to seed in the autumn, to plant next year.