Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shanghai Balcony Gardening

I noticed this morning that hedges are sprouting new growth.  It's that time of year. So I've started on the balcony.  A pot of rocket, (which I've never grown before), about 20 seeds in a four inch pot of flower market compost.  To crop from the pot.  And about the same number of seeds of rosemary in the same conditions.  The rosemary, I seem to remember last time I grew it, it was slow to germinate.  It's to be pricked out into pots, (I noticed a flower shop on Beijing Lu was selling them today).  The rocket, I have no clue.

Also, three big fat fruit seeds, from some fruit that was put in my hotel room in Bangkok, just to see what happens.  They're not mangoes, because I read somewhere online that mango seeds have multiple seeds inside them.  I opened one seed, and there was a fairly hard case, dark brown, reminiscent of a cockroach's shell in colour and texture.  It held a single seed nucleus.  I discarded that one, and sowed the other three, 1cm  approx deep, in Shanghai flower market compost, (with its healthy population of fruit flies and mushrooms, btw).  The herbs went on the balcony.  The fruit seeds the windowsill.