Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shanghai Balcony Gardening IV

The thyme's sprouting like crazy.  The basil, just started showing today.  I've pricked out three geraniums.  Also today, two improvised half-trays: I cut in half, lengthways,  the box a small cafetiere came in, sellotaped the two halves where the folded ends of the original design were rebelling, and then sellotaped in and around small carrier bags to make them waterproof.  Voila.  Both filled with compost from the flower market.  One wee tray of lavender, one of lovage.  The lavender is var. "Munster", and the packet says to plant it indoors, but everything's on the balcony, this weather.  Which, incidentally, is variable - from a hot English Summer day to a cold English Spring day.  Nights, I don't think we'll get a late frost.