Sunday, November 08, 2009

Rosmarinus officinalis

In Sainsbury's last night they had packets of rosemary cuttings (can you call them a sprig when they aren't tied together?) which had reached their sell-by and were going for 10p.  So I bought two.   The were about 7" long.  I trimmed off the bottom 3" or so of leaves and put them in a glass of water overnight.   And then this morning I dipped them in hormone and put them each in wee pots with 50/50 cactus compost and vermiculite, and then put them in the propagator.  According to PFAF, they should root in about three weeks.  There are a dozen cuttings, and I'll be pleased if half of them root.  The only concern is that they are quite woody.  We shall see. 

And a search on google scholar unearthed this gem:
Cypresse Garlands are of great account at Funeralls amongst the gentiler sort, but Rosemary and Bayes are used by the Commons both at Funeralls and Weddings. They are all plants which fade not a good while after they are gathered and used (as I conceive) to intimate unto us, that the remembrance of the present solemnity might not dye presently, but be kept in minde for many yeares (Coles 1656, 64-5).
The plan is to have two on each of the steps leading up to the front door.  I've got five plants now that I started from seed 

Coles, William. 1656 The Art of Simpling: An Introduction to the Knowledge and Gathering of Plants. London: Nathaniel Brook,.