Sunday, November 01, 2009

Holga 12 16 Mask Blunder 9

Holga 12 16 Mask Blunder 9
Holga 12 16 Mask Blunder 9, originally uploaded by Pig Sty Avenue.

I think that this was the first roll with the Holga. I'd bought a roll of Fuji Reala from a proper wee camera shop in Durham. I think this predated the decision to get the Tetenal kit, so I was for getting it developed at Snappy Snaps, (although that never happened).

It was when I got towards the end of the roll, I realised I was on the wrong numbering system - I had the wee sliding door at the window set for the 16 frame mask, whereas it had the usual 12 (6x6cm) one in. So there are some wonderfully weird overlapping exposures, like these.

Cool, eh? And this is nice film, if I was doing something straight.

The backlog of film is nearly all dev'd now - just one roll of E6 to go. And then I've got a drawer full of film, both 35mm and 120. I've got the technicalities of this thing about nailed down now. Time to get out more.