Saturday, November 07, 2009

Industar 61

That's the first roll through the new FED4.  I'm not impressed.  Nothing is what you'd call sharp.  Mind you, I can't complain, I got the Industar61 lens with the camera for £5.50 the pair.  So I will probably need another lens, maybe a Jupiter8.  I could kick myself now for selling both of those lenses, and all their bloody filters, a few months ago.  Binary thinking, that was.  However, one lives and learns.

I've got an Industar26 on the FED2 - I'll maybe try that on the next roll I'm putting through the FED4, which is Agfa E6, which I got from Oli.  I'm going to use that to take a set of portraits indoors.  Maybe half and half with the two lenses would be a good idea.  It's part of a new approach I'm toying with: shoot a roll of film on a given subject, and dev it straightaway.  I've got loads of film.  And the processing works out at about 65p now.