Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FED2 Industar 61 Dockhead St

FED2 Industar 61 Dockhead St, originally uploaded by Pig Sty Avenue.
Another test roll on the FED2, which established that the Industar 61 lens works fine - I was wondering if some fault with the lens, coupling with the rangefinder, perhaps, was causing the apparent focusing problems with the FED4.

I'm trying to find a 35mm camera that I can use all the time, my main go-anywhere do-anything sort of camera. The Holga's great fun, but I need something more precise. The FED4 is the main candidate because of its light meter and flash synch, but that roll of 1970s Efke came out blurred - maybe that was the film. So I need another test roll in that camera.

And/or I might take the FED2 to bits, see what's wrong with the synch, and paint the curtains thoroughly. The wee lugs for fitting a strap are another big advantage of the 2 over the 4 - I don't like those easy open cases. And I can live without a light meter.

I've bought a 40.5 - 52mm filter adaptor on eBay. 52mm filters are much cheaper and more plentiful than 40.5s.