Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Crawl

Swimming is the latest craze in our house, with the baths only five minutes away, and The Bairn being mad for it.  So we take turns each, one looking after her in the paddling pool, the other off to the big pool to do lengths.  Herself's a really good swimmer. 

I didn't think I was, but, actually, I'm lanes ahead of most of the other blokes there, with their sedate breaststrokes.  See, I can't do more than half a length with the breaststroke, but find the crawl much easier.  My legs are all wrong though, which is why I've included this gif. 

I might go mad and get a hat and goggles.  In the past, one or two lengths was enough for me, but I'm up to ten now.  Maybe if I got to thirty in an hour, I'd be getting somewhere.  It's got to be better than sitting at this feckin laptop.