Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Binge" Drinking

I could begin to blether-on about the misuse of the word "binge" by the media here, but I won't. Today.

Maybe we're going to have an election next month. I hope so, elections are great fun, giving an appearance of meaningfulness to our participatory democracy. Or something.

Headline grabbing about "binge" drinking is a fair indicator that Papa Gordon is tempted to give it a go. And this is a Middle England issue. I was visiting Newbury a few months ago and commented on how pretty the town looked, and was told that the flipside was a no-go area at night for anyone over 30, because of all the drunken carrying-on.

It made me smile. At least we don't have that problem round here. To be sure, there's a river of drink consumed most weekends, but Jarrow and Hebburn town centres are such bleak spots after dark that no one, young or old, pissed or sober, would want to spend any time there, annoying passers by.

So, badly thought out 1960s "redevelopments" have their up sides. They've depressed everyone into staying at home, or drinking in some other town. Hurrah for urban brutalism!