Thursday, January 26, 2006


My HP laptop went kaput back in November. It went back to the shop, who had to send it back to the manufacturer, and I got it back a fortnight later, with a new hard disk and CD/DVD RW drive. It was practically a new laptop, as the woman in the shop observed. (She's called Heather, and was in my class at school... But that's another story.) Hmm. I don't know what exactly was wrong to make the drives go awol like that - but I suspect it had gotten clogged up with the omnipresent dust of Libya.

Anyway, whilst my faithful friend was away, I had to start using Herself's laptop, a Toshiba. I didn't like it. The keyboard and mouse seemed to have minds of their own, selecting text unasked. And the monitor wasn't too good either. But by the time mine came back from the shop, I'd done a load of work for my MA on it, and it would have taken too much time to transfer it all over to mine, as well as setting mine up - we all know how long a brand new computer takes to be tamed.

Well, the essays were all put in the post this morning to the University of Leicester. And I got my laptop from its hiding place and here I am putting it all back together again.

I'm hoping that's me over the worst of this chest infection now, too. Still feeling rather weak. Hopefully, I might get a few hours at the allotment over the weekend - I'm craving fresh air and the outdoors, after being housebound for nearly a fortnight.